After graduating from the Toulouse Business School in 2014 (EXECUTIVE MASTER / MBA), I now want to share my experience , so I started my new career in October 2015.

January 2016, I am the CEO of DIGI 4 U.

DIGI 4 U was created from scratch and is positioning itself as the leader in the field.

DIGI 4 U is one company with several activities:

  • #TRAINING4U: going to different geographical locations is not a problem for me as I propose my training services within your company. Anywhere!
  • #MARKETINGACTIONS4U: you’ve just signed a new contract and you don’t wish to recruit in house… Outsource and entrust your marketing missions to DIGI 4 U!
  • #COMMERCIALACTIONS4U: exportation tempts you? But, you do not wish to recruit in house … Outsource and confide your market studies to DIGI 4 U!
  • #APART4U: need to relocate? Or just interested in buying or renting an apartment, easier said than to done.… Especially if you don’t have the time and/or are not on site to search. Or even worse your interlocutor does not understand your needs. Confide your search to DIGI 4 U, your expert 3.0 customer centric (The art of listening, understanding and adapting to our customers expectations).