In reality I have always wanted to teach.

Indeed, once I received my MASTERS II degree (2000) from Science PO Toulouse, I began my thesis in military sociology with the intention of teaching and doing University research.

Volunteer and very motivated, I opted for total immersion at first, in a military environment because in 2000, I signed a one year contract (FIXED-TERM CONTRACT of 1 year replacing the military service) for Tarbes.

At the end of this immersion which validated my choice, I was still very enthusiastic at the prospect of becoming a professor (teacher and researcher), I however had to abandon this choice because in 2001 my husband was transferred to Calvi (Corsica), and do to the geographical location it was impossible to continue my researches in pursuit of my thesis.

Thus in 2002 began my active work life.

Since I couldn’t continue my thesis. I thus decided to enrich my professional experience, in spite of my husband’s successive transfers. The diversity of my work experience would constitute my wealth as a teacher. In the end, the transfers provided me with a very rich experience of which I want to share with you.